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  • Spider & Bug Control
  • Residual Effects
  • Legal & Labeled
  • Not Chemically Toxic
  • Relatively Mild
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  • Mite & Beetle Control
  • No Known Resistance
  • Legal & Labeled
  • No Fumes/Flammability
  • Waste Non-Hazardous
hosting plan ico 3 Grain Elevators
  • Weevil & Moth Control
  • Long Term Protection
  • Legal & Labeled
  • Non-Explosive Dust
  • For Organic Production

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What is INSECTO?

INSECTO is a virtually odorless and non-staining powder. It is mostly, refined diatomaceous earth [DE] (silicon dioxide). DE is formed by the skeletal remnants of diatoms. INSECTO has a small percentage of inert ingredients (including food grade attractants).



How Does INSECTO Kill?

INSECTO kills bugs by damaging their exterior (exoskeleton or waxy coating) and causing their body fluids to leak out resulting in death by dehydration. INSECTO is a physical control and isn’t chemically poisonous. Insects have difficulty building up immunity or resistance.



INSECTO dust attaches to adult insects and their larvae when they crawl through treated areas. The waxy protective coating of an insect absorbs the tiny particles of INSECTO causing it damage.

This website refers to Insecto as a relatively safe and mild prodcut.  Such terms as "safe" and "mild" are used in relation to more hazardous substances which may be used in various pest control situations.  The terms "safe", "mild" or any similar term or description doesn't mean an absolute lack of danger with Insecto.  Under the "Label" section is also included the MSDS sheet for Insecto which shows it is non-hazardous waste. Because of Insecto's physical properties it has a relatively mild drying effect on human skin. Avoid breathing Insecto as this can cause irritation or aggravate previous breathing conditions.




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